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Welcome to Washington Dads

Washington Dads Mission Statement
To educate and empower dads, families and communities to improve behavioral health for children, youth and their families.

Who We Are
We are dads and male caregivers of children with emotional, behavioral, and mental health problems. We live the day to day challenges that come with raising our children. We know and understand that sometimes these challenges can be overwhelming and that not everyone understands what it's like and that through a network of support and understanding we will be more successful in helping our children to succeed in life.

Washington Dads is volunteer based, nonprofit 501(c)(3).

What We Do
There are several things that we do.

  • Twice a year we run a free educational weekend retreat open to any dad or male caregiver with a special needs child. The weekend consists of education, making connections, sharing experiences and resources, and even a little relaxation.
  • We run support groups throughout the state that dads and male caregivers can attend and talk openly and freely about whatever is on their mind without judgment of you or your child. We sometimes will have a presentation on a topic of interest to the group. This is a good place to start making connections and build a network. 
  • We do trainings & presentations on various topics that help families and professionals.
  • We advocate for laws that help make our children more successful in life.
  • We educate the public about special needs children.

How We Started
Washington Dads has been active since 2005 serving male caregivers of children across Washington State with respite and resources to assist them in helping their children. It began with a small group of men meeting on a weekend to discuss common issues and share experiences raising their children and youth.



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